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Ellis Island New York City NY, most populous city in United States, New York Metropolitan area, global city, most populous urban areas Ellis Island,  State of New York, Northeastern United States, boroughs, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Greater New York City, Dutch founded in 1624 as a commercial trading post, New Amsterdam, English control, Manhattan Queens, mass transit, subway, Harlem, abstract expressionism, Big Apple, I Love New York, Capital of the world, Gotham, United Nations,  Hudson River New York, New York Harbor, January 1 1892, United States, Castle Garden Immigration Depot, Manhattan Statue of Liberty National Monument, Statue of Liberty, US Park Service, New York City, NY, New York NY, Little Oyster Island, Ellis Island, Samuel Ellis,Jersey City, New Jersey, Immigration, Innigration Act of 1924, Immigrants entering United States, Ron Bennett Photography, Ronald T. Bennett Photographer, Ron Bennett, Ellis Island New York NY, Fine Art Photography by Ron Bennett, Fine Art, Fine Art photography, Art Photography, Copyright ©