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Pennsylvania Dutch bare-foot girls buggy 9569.tif

Bare foot Amish girls talk in Pennsylvania Dutch Amish country in Lancaster County PA,Pennsylvania Dutch in Amish Country Lancaster County Pennsylvania, Amish, Horse and buggy with amish family on backroads of Pennsylvainia, buggy, amish family, buggy and horse, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, natives, Northeasterners, Middle Atlantic region, Philadelphia, Keystone State, 1802, Thirteen Colonies, Declaration of Independence, State of Independence, Liberty, Conestoga wagons, Quaker Province, Founding Fathers, 1774, Constitution written, Photography history, Fine art by Ron Bennett, Stock Photography, Fine art Photography and Stock Photography by Ronald T. Bennett Photography ©, All rights reserved copyright Ron Bennett Photography.Com, FINE ART and STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY FOR SALE, CLICK ON  "ADD TO CART" FOR PRICING,