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Pack Rat nest in pickup 0969.tif

Packrat nest in abandon old truck Arizona desert, Arizona fine art photography by Ron Bennett (c). Copyright, Pack rat, trade rat, wood rat, Bushy tailed woodrat, Neotoma, Neotoma cinerea, desert pack rat, Desert Woodrats, Lepida,Teddy bear Chollas, Ground Squirrels, Kangaroo rats,complex nests of twigs and cactus White throated woodrat, albigula, cholla cactus, middens, rodents, compulsive hoarder, Arizona, State of Arizona, Southwest, desert, 48th State, Last of contiguous states, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Grand Canyon, Indian reservations, four corners, desert landscape, exrophyte, western United States, Southwest, Mountains, plateaus, ponderosa pines, Colorado River,  Mountain lion, Navajo Nation, No daylight savings time, Arizona Territory, Arizona, AR, Ariz, Airzona, Arizonia, Arizone, AZ,