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Cabrillo Light House Stairs San Diego 007bw.tif

Lighthouse stairs, stairs, Point Loma Lighthouse stairs, Cabrillo National Monument, Old Point Loma Lighthouse, Lighthouse, Point Loma lighthouse, November 15, 1855, One of firest eight lighthouses on Pacific Coast, Pacific Coast, Point Loma, San Diego, San Diego Bay, San Diego lighthouse California, California, West Coast of US,most populous US State, Colonize Spanish Empire, Mexican-American War, 31st State, Septemeber 9, 1850, Redwood-Douglas fir forests, Sierra Nevada Mountain range, Mojave desert, Death Valley, agricultural, tourism, entertainment, Golden State, California, CA, Calif, Calf,Calaforna, Calafornia, Cali, Fine Art Photography by Ron Bennett, Fine Art, Fine Art photography, Art Photography, Copyright ©