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Ron Bennett has an uncanny ability to get where the action is and behind the scenes of a story with his camera.
Ron Bennett a Visual storyteller, began as a newspaper photographer at The Oregon Journal, after which he joined the staff of United Press International, Los Angeles, California and Washington, D.C., The San Diego Union as a Photo Editor and The Executive Branch of US Government. While at UPI he was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for his photographs of the assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy. He has received numerous other photo honors including awards from the National Headliners, White House News Photographers, National Press Photographers, World Press Photo, California News Photographers and Los Angeles News Photographers. He worked with Presidents from Kennedy to Bush and their Cabinets. Bennett has photographed some of his generation's biggest stories including: Watts riots, Charles Manson murders of Sharon Tate; Anti-war demonstrations; bombing of the U.S. Capitol; Watergate; the return of POW's from Vietnam; Vietnam My Lai courts-martial; Three Mile Island melt down; Eruption of Mount St. Helen's; Fall of the Shah of Iran; Commercial airline crashes; Space shuttles; Pope John Paul visit to the USA; Hollywood; Academy Awards; Olympics; Championship NFL, NBA, NHL; World Series baseball; Rose Bowl; World Champion Heavyweight Boxing; National Democratic and Republican Conventions; Campaign of Presidents; Inauguration of Presidents; Travel with Presidents of the United States, both abroad and within the USA; President Nixon's resignation; President Ford's pardon of Nixon; Camp David Peace Accord; United Nations; First American invited by President Castro to Cuba; Assassination attempts on Gov. George Wallace, and Presidents' Ford; Reagan and Gorbachev summits, Attack on Twin Towers in Manhattan, NY and Pentagon.

Senator Robert F. Kennedy assassination photographs led to Pulitzer Prize nomination for photojournalism. These pictures were published in UPI’s book “Assassination,” along with personal account of the tragedy.  Fine Art Stock Photography by Ron Bennett, Stock Photography,Copyright.
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